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Developing and nurturing creativity, imagination and confidence through the arts. Inspiring participants to explore, experiment, create, play and express themselves using a  variety of materials, tools, processes and techniques.

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Trisha McNally (b. 1984, Donegal,Ireland) lives and works in Belfast. She completed a BA in Fashion and Textiles design from the University of Ulster in 2006.  As a freelance art facilitator she has facilitated creative art workshops in schools, museums, galleries, festivals, carnivals and youth and community centres throughout Northern Ireland and The Republic. Working with varied age groups and ability ranges including early years, teenagers, adult and older people. She has over ten years experience in designing, planning, delivering, exhibiting and evaluating outreach and educational art workshops.

She actively continues her professional development through training and courses e.g.  global education, P4C-philosophical enquiry training, dementia awareness, Intergenerational training.  She possesses OCNS in community integration and cultural diversity, updates her child protection training regularly and has ppl insurance.


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Our Values

I  believe in access to the arts for all. I am passionate about the benefits of creative self-expression with a focus on process lead work with a strong participatory element for all ages and abilities. I encourage active participation in the ideas, development and production stages, which allows participants to take ownership of the work. Through this child/participant centered approach individuals gain in confidence, self-esteem, creativity and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

My relaxed, fun and friendly style encourages self-expression and inspires participants to awaken their imagination, enabling them to discover an exciting range of new techniques, technical skills and unleash their inner artist. 

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If you would like to discuss any aspect of a potential workshop, know more about my work, or would just like to say hello – please get in touch at.



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