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Developing  and nurturing creativity, imagination and confidence through the arts, we inspire participants to explore, experiment, create, play and express themselves using a  variety of materials, tools, processes and techniques.

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Corporate/Team Building Events

Creativity is  the heart of innovaton and innovation is key to business growth and performance. It should be encouraged in businesses from all sectors having  mental, physical and social benefits for staff.  

We offer fun and creative corporate workshops  that are  great for social functions , promotional events, corporate events and  team building days. Workshops can be designed and tailored to suit your needs and wishes. A wide variety of disciplines and activities are available to inspire and engage participants. These  innovative workshops  use art as a  vehicle to promote team bonding, encourage teamwork and collaboration, unlock creative thinking skill and develop communication and creative problem solving skills and encourage stress reduction, improving performance and productivity.

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Community Art Facilitation

I have facilitated a number of visual arts educational and outreach programmes within  schools, and youth and a community centres throughout Northern Ireland. I have custom designed sessions for schools and community organisations to meet their specific needs for participative youth, children and adult projects. These workshops have included taster sessions to longer six-week programmes. Working with all ages and abilities, I adhere to an ethic of inclusive and sensitive community engagement, I believe art can be a powerful tool for expressing views, thoughts and feelings about important issues and for enabling individual and social change.

Arty Parties

Offering unique arty parties for kids of all ages and can customize art activities  and themes to your child’s Interest. Contact us for a brochure of themes and a quote to plan this magical celebration.


Pop Up Events/Festivals

Designing engaging and exciting art activities and workshops for adults and children, tailored to meet the needs of your audience and event theme. We can provide a team of experienced and friendly artists who are available to travel nationwide all year round. Workshops are also available in prop, costume and installation creation in the run up to any community festival or parade.

Early Years Art Workshops

Imagination, innovation, creative thinking and problem-solving skills are crucial for future thinker.  Our early years workshops provide developmental experiences, encouraging creative self–expression, developing fine and gross motor skills,  co-ognitive development and increasing self esteem. Workshops focus on process, encouraging exploration, experimentation and creative play.

 Since 2014 I have been the Lead visual artist collaborating with a team of drama practitioners and sound artists to co-develop The Mac early years programme, a series of multi- sensory sessions for babies and toddlers. I have designed  and created varied sensory experiences and activities from props and resource to sets and games for exploration.


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